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Karl Watson Chromeballed

Dec 2019 by Route One

Skateboarding, for all the importance we place on it as a "lifestyle" and produce attempts to pay homage to the trailblazers, is ultimately quite a disposable entity. Boards and shoes might initially illicit feelings of pleasure when first purchased but they rarely last more than a month or two. And when it comes to media, especially in these content rich days, the lifespan of a clip is lucky to be more than six to twelve hours. 

Because of this, people who only a few years ago were at the top of their game (and often revered as legends of their era) are forgotten far too hastily and, as the generations change, their names drift off into the ether, never to be mentioned again. Well we reckon this needs to stop! Skateboarding is littered with individuals who made seismic impacts on our beloved art form and it's important that we all make the effort to remember their contributions.

Obviously the Nine Club is doing a great job in this regard, often bringing up long forgotten names from decades past and introducing them to younger crowds. But let's not forget that this movement to preserve the personalities of our collective was instigated by the irrepressibly excellent Chromeball. And so obviously we're super stoked so see Chops back at it, reigniting his series with this thoroughly entertaining convo with the one and only Karl Watson.

Hit up this link for a good few bathroom breaks' worth of reading from the "happiest man in skateboarding."

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