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Rough Cut: Tiago Lemos
Rough Cut: Tiago Lemos
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Rough Cut: Tiago Lemos

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  • By Route One
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That's it, we're calling it now. 2019 has to be one of THE greatest ever years for skateboarding. We don't envy Burnett and the crew over at Thrasher with the challenge they've got crowning SOTY this year, we can tell you!

First up was Suciu; his Verso part blew minds in ways previously inconceivable and he changed the game with his reimagining of the structure of the humble skateboarding part. His tricks were utterly mental too! 

Then only last week Milton Martinez' DEMOLICIÓN! made us all rethink the physical limitations of what was possible on a skateboard; not since Pat Duffy in Questionable has gnarly skateboarding taken such a huge leap forward. Jaws are still being picked up off floors over a week later and it's hard to imagine anyone stepping up to his level of full throttle gnar any time soon.

And finally there's the silent killer Tiago Lemos. Enders in Primitive's debut full length, clips popping up here, there and everywhere; nobody could deny the rights of the Jaguariuna native to be stood up on that pedestal alongside Mark and Milton. A worthy joint second to the eventual winner if you will...

Except his Dime Rough Cuts just dropped through Thrasher and the race to be SOTY is wide open once again. You'd truly have to be a fool to bet money on any one individual without a little insider knowledge! This 12 minutes of the dopest ledge annihilation you'll ever see is so good it would walk the award in any other year.

So that takes us right back to the start of this comment, something we stand by wholeheartedly; 2019 has to be one of the greatest ever years for skateboarding. No doubt about it!

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