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Korahn Gayle 'Grey' Part
Korahn Gayle 'Grey' Part
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Korahn Gayle 'Grey' Part

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  • By Route One
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Bristolian scene stalwart and ace camera wielder George Nevin has once again teamed up with the most positive man in British Skateboarding (that's Nike SB and Skate Café ripper Korahn Gayle to you and me) to produce yet more outstanding skateboarding in the form of this excellent new Grey Mag clip.


Beautifully filmed in that HD 4:3 format that seems to capture the most favourable facets of video production, George's camera work easily maintains parity with Korahn's exceptional footwork and flawless trick selection. And let's not shy away from that fact; the reason you're gonna watch this is Korahn knows exactly what he's doing! 

Of course the skateboarding is sublime. Korahn was amazing as an up and coming kid so now, decades deep in the game, the control the man possesses (and displays throughout) is simply divine. Save for an excruciating encounter with a kicker to bollard combo, this is the perfect hype for cold winter nights; exploring inner city sprawls and enjoying the playgrounds the now empty streets we find afford us. It's also got a belting example of a Korahn signature fakie flip, so if getting outside doesn't appeal, at least that should raise your stoke levels a bit this week!

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