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Though the demise of Sidewalk and Kingpin robbed European (and specifically the UK's) skate media of two of its greatest physical entities, the fertile space left behind allowed smaller independent magazines like North, Grey, Vague and Free to spring up, and subsequently the opportunity to flourish, shaping the way we consume skateboarding trickery this side of the pond.

Barely a week goes by without an 'exclusive release' here or a 'unique sharing' there from this new wave of UK skateboarding periodicals (a fact supported by Grey Mag's hosting of George Nevin's excellent Korahn Gayle section this week!) and we find ourselves once again writing about a 'Free' presented video that more than floats our boat!

Pozo, meaning water well, is Chichester native Sam Bailey's latest foray into skateboard cinematography and features Spanish based transition shredding from the likes of J-Thaxx, Alex Halford and our own Sam Beckett. Not only is the skateboarding contained within absolutely top notch (with a crew like that how could it be anything but?) but it's also legitimately hilarious. If you're gonna watch one 'UK guys driving through Spain in a van' clip this week, it really should be this one!

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