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Krooked 'Let's Skate Dude'
Krooked 'Let's Skate Dude'
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Krooked 'Let's Skate Dude'

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  • By Route One
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In an age where full length releases grow ever rarer, and sub-one minute clips on Insta get ever more offensively naff, the surprise publication of Krooked Skateboard's first feature offering in seven years (through Youtube no less, double thumbs up for not having to give the iTunes monopolisers a dime!) is as pleasant a revelation as we're likely to get this week!


Opening with a touching tribute to fallen comrade Van Wastell and featuring shredding from the entire team, Krooked keeps it properly real in a way only they can. Skater's skater Brad Cromer kicks off the 'video proper' with that timeless style and grace before the likes of Worrest, Sebo and Ronnie Sandoval do their thing and Manderson shuts the whole show down with man sized skating that's sure to blow your mind.

Factor in a few Gonz driven interludes and a stellar appearance from Krooked OG Dan Drehobl and you have the kind of proper skate video we sadly rarely see these days. Whether the Instagram selfie generation will care for classic interpretation of skateboarding Krooked chooses to purvey only time will tell but, if you're like us and remember a time before Rainbow Swag Lord was dabbing mid stink flip (only joking, love ya mate!), this harks back to the days when skateboarding was truly legit - surely we all want a bit more of that!

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