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Samarria Brevard: The Route One Interview
Samarria Brevard: The Route One Interview
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Samarria Brevard: The Route One Interview

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  • By Route One
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By now you must have heard the amazing news that not only has the super talented Samarria Brevard joined enjoi but she's also been immediately rewarded with a promotion to the professional ranks. Way to go girl!

However, we bet you didn't know we were there the night she was invited to join the team, did you!?! Yep, we've been sitting on this info for months and the pressure to keep it a secret has been killing us! 

Back in August we were lucky enough to be invited to interview a few of the enjoi lot as they ventured around the UK as part of their 'Breaking Rad' tour.  As soon as our chat with Etnies ripper Samarria was done Louie took her to one side and, whilst we deep in conversation with 'soon to be team mate' Zack Wallin, the official proposition of enjoi based employment was offered her way. Louie being Louie couldn't wait to tell us and the cat was out of the bag within minutes!

Though we'd figured it might be in the pipeline, we considered it only polite to not push Samarria hard on the subject in her interview, given her close relationship with former sponsor Hoopla. As it turned out we genuinely didn't know Louie was going to ask her that night so, as you can see in the video, everybody was as surprised and stoked as she is!

Check out the video then grab Samarria's debut enjoi deck here, we can't think of a better early Christmas present!

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