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Kurtis Colamonico Just Kruzzin’
Kurtis Colamonico Just Kruzzin’
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Kurtis Colamonico Just Kruzzin’

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Exceptionally tattoo’d Californian Kurtis Colamonico has just dropped quite possible the dopest part you’ll see all month over on the Ride Channel; we’re talking the techiest of ledge manoeuvres done with the smoothest of styles in the freshest of attire.

The FSAS sponsored Long Beach resident may be more familiar to those of you that follow the contest circuit but this section more than solidifies Kurtis’ reputation as an all-out street assassin.

You’ll get camo shorts, you’ll get some serious ink, you’ll get to meet Kurtis’ son and you’ll get bigspin flip front nose slides in lines – Heck, the dude makes a varial flip look seriously good and that is near on impossible! We’re pretty sure his last three tricks should be too – you won’t be disappointed…

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