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Nike SB Presents The Buffalo Three
Nike SB Presents The Buffalo Three
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Nike SB Presents The Buffalo Three

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Three of Nike SB’s biggest names (Stefan Janoski, Grant Taylor and Cory Kennedy) have been brought together for this two minute promotional video to mark the release of the SE range of Nike skateboarding footwear.

Nowt new in that you say! Well, you’d be right to but obviously, given the talent involved, this two minute promotional clip is a joy to behold.  Switch nonchalance as per from Mr Janoski, massive kinked rails backside fiftied with a smile by Cory and exceptionally gnarly transition based shreddery from 2011 SOTY Grant Taylor.

So yeah, everything you’d expect but still thoroughly enjoyable – can’t complain about that!

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