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Lance Mountain 'Van Life'
Lance Mountain 'Van Life'
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Lance Mountain 'Van Life'

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  • By Route One
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As the elder statesman of skateboarding, we can't think of anyone who'd argue with the notion of Lance Mountain being considered as one of the greatest living human beings out there. Never mind just skateboarding, we're talking about life as a whole! How many people can you think of with the eternal stoke and constant good grace as the OG Bones Brigade member? Not many we'd wager!

Never tiring, never giving in and, 40-odd years deep in the game, still killing it and acting the goofball; Lance is the lovable eternal child we all hope we can be and his involvement in any project, be it skating or simply along for the ride, always lifts the spirits of those involved and those at home watching


This latest clip from Nike SB details the simple pleasures of discovery and adventure that skateboarding has afforded him (and all of us in one way or another), all the while showcasing the talents of one of the deepest crews in the industry.  Van life, or the notion of travelling with friends, is at the very core of what it is to skate & what it is to search out fun. Let Lance remind you of that then seek out thrills and exploits of your own, there's still a wee bit of summer left and there's a big ol' world out there. 

After all, it's definitely better than staying in playing Fortnite.


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