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Livi Pure Fun Skate Party 2018
Livi Pure Fun Skate Party 2018
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Livi Pure Fun Skate Party 2018

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  • By Route One
  • 2018 livi pure fun skate skate party

The Livi Pure Fun Skate party has run longer than 99% of you reading this have been alive. First held in 1984 and, save for a few crappy years in the mid 2010's, it has remained one of the highlights of the UK skate calendar ever since. Basically this is as essential a pilgrimage as you are likely to find in this world of skateboarding that we love so dearly.


Spending a lot more time on home turf in recent years, Creature pro and Livi legend Stu Graham took the helm of the fabled event a year or two back and has managed to recapture the former glory this epic day of drunken Scottish fun used to provide. In time-honoured tradition, Ben and the Sidewalk lads piled in a van to make the four hour drive from West Yorkshire to West Lothian and, as can alway be relied upon, they captured the very best of the shenanigans on VX tape just for you.


Though there is no doubt skateboarding has become much more mainstream and wholesome over recent years, certain aspects of the outside, counter culture roots remain. If you have any interest in it beyond Instagraming flat ground tre flips to get yourself online interest from a few girls (or boys) then the Livi Pure Fun Skate Party is an absolute must for you. Check out this years footy then get saving for those train tickets - you have to do it at least once!

Let us take this moment to give major props to our Ediburgh-based flow team rider Kyle Broadfoot, who managed to bag 1st place in the under 16's Jam - gwan Kyle!!

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