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Felipe Gustavo: The Route One Interview
Felipe Gustavo: The Route One Interview
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Felipe Gustavo: The Route One Interview

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Skateboarding loves a good 'rags to riches' tale and few battles against adversity can compare to that of adidas Skateboarding's latest addition, Plan B pro Felipe Gustavo. Born and raised on the streets of Brazil, his dad hocked the family car to give his son the chance at skate stardom; buying a one way ticket to the States, they turned up at Tampa Am back in '07 without even registering for the competition. Somehow securing himself a place in the starting line up, the young lad from Brasillia stormed the event and the rest, as they say, is history!


Fast forward a decade and pro stardom hasn't affected this most humble of dudes and it was with great pleasure we were able to interview him just before the London leg of this summer's Steet League Skateboarding. Though he's likely told his inspiring story a thousand times over, he gladly regaled it for us again, as well as reaffirming his commitment to the skate life by sharing with us the passion and hard work behind his addition to the Plan B and adidas teams.

For most people success doesn't come easy and Felipe is testament to the hardest of graft being the most vital trait one can possess. So often it would have been easier for him to give up on his dreams and many lesser people would. Not Felipe though and we couldn't be more stoked than to share his passion with you now! Check out his interview now then come back in a couple of weeks - we have something extra special from adidas waiting for you!

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