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Louie Barletta: The Route One Interview Pt.1
Louie Barletta: The Route One Interview Pt.1
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Louie Barletta: The Route One Interview Pt.1

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  • By Route One
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Who doesn't like Louie? Anyone? In a pastime as individual and subjective as skateboarding, we can think of few figures as universally revered as the one and only Captain Lou. Head honcho at enjoi, skateboarder extraordinaire and one of the nicest guys in the biz, we've waited years to get the chance to sit down with him and our dream finally came true.


They say "never meet your heroes" - whoever coined that phrase obviously never spent time in the company of Louie Barletta! A consummate professional, yet also the most openly warm and chatty of interviewees, Louie was never going to offer us the standard ten minute tramline questions and answers sesh. No, San Jose's most beloved son waxed lyrical for over an hour, entertaining our every query and responding with an interest and verve so often reserved for only the closest of pals.

Such was the depth of our chat we've had to split this up into a two part piece. This week opening the show with a quick catch up on tour life before getting his side on the recent enjoi 'King of the Road' win. Next week we really get down to brass tacks and, we can say with no sense of hyperbole, it's our favourite interview we've ever done.

They don't make 'em like Louie Barletta any more but, truth be told, they rarely ever did. Enjoy this folks, it's a belter!


Check out part two here...

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