Louie Barletta: The Route One Interview Pt.2

Posted by Route One on 13th December 2017

Talk of tanks, living with MJ and travelling London in the mid nineties with nothing but a memorised version of a 411VM section as your guide? All this and more is covered in the concluding part to our amazing Louie Barletta interview!

As those of you who caught last week's opener with enjoi's head honcho will know, the first half of our conversation was focussed around tour life and the team's win in this year's Thrasher 'King of the Road' competition. As interesting as that was, it's here in part two where we really get to the meat of the conversation.

Thoughts on personality lead into discussion regarding the concept of creativity in skateboarding. Insight into his life dreams, falling in love in Sheffield and talk of previously unknown hobbies all make an appearance. Louie is a deep man, a thinking man and a man of many talents; hit up that play button to hear the guy talk about life in ways that you've never done before!

Don't forget to check out part one of the interview here.