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Luan Oliveira’s “Mic Check” Part

Nov 2015 by Route One

Oh Luan, why do you hurt us so? We try to skateboard; we laugh, we cry, we hurt. Then we see you, landing the tricks of PJ with the speed of Busenitz and the power of a force 10 gale. Life simply isn’t fair!

Originally we were intending to post you Nike SB’s latest piece of promotion for their upcoming Chronicles 3 video (the ‘Offcuts and alternative angles’ edit from Porto Alegre’s most famous son). Then Thrasher went and dropped another astounding new part; Flip Skateboards’ Luan yet again illustrates that he really is skating in a whole other dimension. The power, finesse and shear brilliance on display would be sickening were it not so mesmerising.

Lines containing combos most pro’s couldn’t do as singles, flip tricks popped so high and stomped so hard we’d swear he was on some Tony Hawk’s moon gravity tip – it is (much like the Chronicles clip) simply brilliant and you need to watch it, there’s nowt more to be said!

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