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Marisa Dal Santo 'Ramblin'
Marisa Dal Santo 'Ramblin'
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Marisa Dal Santo 'Ramblin'

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  • By Route One
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Back in '09 skateboarding, certainly as far as the industry was concerned, seemed predominantly a male pastime. Though trailblazers like Mimi Knoop, Cara Beth Burnside, Alexis Sablone and Elissa Steamer were public icons, there's no denying the sponsored landscape was markedly different to that which we see today.

Then, when Zero Skateboards' 'Strange World' video dropped, and the rumours of an insanely gnarly female ripper from Chicago proved to be correct, the entire skate community sat up and took notice. Marisa Dal Santo was not "good for a girl" as that most barbed of back handed compliments suggests. No, Marisa was good for a skateboarder and the change of perception she ushered in helped pave the way for the likes of Nora, Lacey, Lizzie and Samarria to be taken seriously as super talented skaters in their own right.

Though her career never really matched those heady heights again, Marisa kept ripping and we're super pleased to see that Thrasher have just unexpectedly dropped a brand new part from her. Mixing on point lines with crazy roof tricks the girl proves she's still got and that's definitely enough to get us stoked this week!

Check it out here

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