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Yoshi Tanenbaum 'My Man's and Them 3'
Yoshi Tanenbaum 'My Man's and Them 3'
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Yoshi Tanenbaum 'My Man's and Them 3'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • my mans and them 3 skate yoshi tanenbaum

One of the "problems" of the current skateboarding landscape, for want of a better word, is that the proliferation of short and impactful self promotional clips through instagram has meant that big parts have to realistically be released through one of an increasingly small number of channels.


King of the crop as we all know is Thrasher and so, without meaning to put too much traffic their way, we find ourselves once again sharing a piece of their past week's content.


The best name in modern day skateboarding aside, Yoshi Tanenbaum is not someone you're gonna forget easily. The Jerusalem born Stereo ripper may have fallen foul of the Swooshes favour but in this he once again proves what an insanely burly b*st*rd he is! The word "power" doesn't even come close to describing his skateboarding and yet he somehow manages to have that deft flick that facilitates some truly light footed tech; he's almost a physical oxymoron and we can't think of any better way of illustrating his radness than saying "watch this clip now!"


Then maybe check out some alternate skate media suppliers...

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