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Mason Silva Closes 'Peace'

Nov 2018 by Route One

Just think about that for a second. In a team that contains Westgate, Nyjah and Evan, alongside legends like Donny, Appleyard and Bam, Mason Silva came through so hard that he got enders in the long awaited Element video; you know the boy went ballistic!

And, in a determined effort to see you part with your hard earned cash, Johnny Schillereff's company has given Thrasher exclusive rights to host Mason's face melter of a section on their website and we have to admit it worked its charm - we bought the full length within two minutes of the credits coming up!

Obviously the skateboarding is immense. Nobody goes as hard as Mason right now and the lad has a deft touch of the tech about him too, meaning this six minute section is pretty much the complete package. We could go on but we know we'd be wasting our time; you already wanna watch this coz the dude closed the Element vid for god's sake - you don't get much bigger than that!

Check it out here.



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