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NB London 26.2

May 2019 by Route One

Well, ain't this a peach!?! New Balance UK comes good yet again with the wholly unique idea of celebrating the brands athletic pedigree, skating the best spots along the world famous London Marathon route.

With the ever capable Kevin Parrott on filming and editing duties you know the visuals are top notch and with a team that contains Tom Knox, Charlie Birch and Dom Henry (amongst others), the skating ain't too shabby either!

It does seem the music choice isn't too popular in the ever fickle world of the Youtube comments section but we kinda dig it. that said, if it isn't your thing you can always mute it; we're pretty sure you'll dig the skating no matter your symphonic preferences.

Once you've watched the vid be sure to head over to Grey Skate Mag to check the accompanying photo gallery. Print may  seemingly be inching ever closer to extinction but skate photography must never die; it's far too important to let that happen!

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