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Numbers Edition 5 / Kyron Davies
Numbers Edition 5 / Kyron Davies
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Numbers Edition 5 / Kyron Davies

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  • By Route One
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In a week that's seen the most hotly anticipated video in years leak online, you really have to have stepped up your game for the viewing public to take notice. Thankfully they breed 'em tough in Harrow, so you can rely on Kyron Davies to put in the requisite amount of work, no worries!

To be honest, as you'll know if you've ever bumped into him in the flesh, Kyron's standard game is better than most. So when it comes to putting in the effort, like he did recently in Nike SB's amazing Trust Fall vid, you can be sure he's gonna deliver. And the fact that this is his moment to shine, as Numbers seeks to reassert itself in these post Miles Silvas days, should give you an inkling as to how big a deal this clip is.

Setting the scene with some classic London crust, set to the ubiquitous 'bloke in the street singing,' Kyron shows the world some serious home town love. In fact, save for a trick at Macba (and a cameo appearance from Casper Brooker somewhere in the back streets of Barca) this is almost entirely shot on UK soil and it's inspiring to see a British skater, whose made it on a legitimate US brand, maintain his roots and showcase the reality of our scene.

Kyron is definitely one of our best exports right now, we just love him even more when he's keeping it real at home in this country!

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