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Red Bull: You Good

Dec 2019 by Route One

Whilst the involvement of energy drinks companies in skateboarding remains as contentious a topic as ever, there's no denying that a number of your favourite pro's have only been afforded the opportunity to remain so active due to the financial remuneration these refreshment purveyors provide.

Money is in no short supply when you're dipping into virtually every demographic in the world so it's only fair that those who sell their foreheads as advertising space to showcase these all pervasive companies make a bit of cash out of the situation! Take your boy Jamie Foy for example, the lad is rarely seen without a Red Bull cap on his noggin but you know he's paying for his house with that money and Deathwish board sales simply aren't going to permit him that luxury!

However, apart from Mountain Dew's dalliance with Ty Evans, the involvement of these companies seems to have steered clear of the old fashioned 'Full Length' up until now. Thankfully though somebody in the Red Bull camp decided that two minute clips of some random Euro dude you've never heard of don't quite cut the mustard any more and they've pumped the significant funds necessary into producing a genuinely good video focussed around three of the biggest up and coming names in the biz; the aforementioned Foy, Alex Midler and Zion Wright.

Obviously these three need little introduction, much the same as the others playing lesser roles in the vid (Shecks, T-Puds etc), so we'll spare you the trite intro's and back stories and instead let you get on with watching the vid. After all, with a crew this heavy we know the hammers are all that anyone really cares about!

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