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Oh Là Là Paname

Oct 2018 by Route One

You really can't front on either the quality or regularity of content adidas skateboarding are putting out this year. Barely a couple of weeks ever goes by without some top notch production dropping on their YouTube channel and, much like the Ambassador in Ferrero Rocher's classic 90's commercial, with these videos adidas skateboarding are really spoiling us!

So it's worthy of note that, despite a summer of continuous 'Grade A' entertainment coming from the brand, the latest promotional piece really is something special. With a title inspired by the youthful nickname for the Parisian suburbs (after all, which kid wants to admit they live with mummy and daddy out in the nice part of town!?!), the collective talents of Lucas Puig, Gustav Tønnesen, Magnus Bordewick and more tear the city a new one like never before.

Obviously Gustav's wizard-like touch is our own personal highlight (proper man-crush alert) but nobody else disappoints...but with a line up like that, who would actually expect them to!?! Paris is one of the great skateboarding cities and now, adidas is one of the great skateboarding brands. Put together, these two are a match made in heaven...



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