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Kash Converters and Waxy Curbs
Kash Converters and Waxy Curbs
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Kash Converters and Waxy Curbs

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Though its paper incarnation may have ceased production over three years ago, Sidewalk magazine (and more importantly the staff at its helm) remained the arbiter of all that was good and right in UK skateboarding. Pivotal to the national scene for over two decades, Ben, Rye & Horsley captured and shared our nation's collective trials and tribulations time and time again; over the years their video endeavours amassed a huge back catalogue, chronicling events, tours, sessions and more. So when Factory Media abruptly pulled the plug on the whole thing last month, many feared this goldmine of British skateboarding history had disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again.

Thankfully Ben (Waxy Curbs) and Rye (Kash Converters) have gone and set up their own Youtube channels and are currently setting about uploading all their best content, so these classic clips can be enjoyed once more (and in better resolution than the first time around, might we add!).

Obviously nothing is brand new so we figured the best thing to share with you was Ben Powells's uploading of quite possibly the greatest moment in UK skate cinematography; Ben Grove's opening section in the seminal 2003 release 'In Motion.' Beautifully filmed and impossibly gnarly, few things match the test of time like this, so enjoy this one and then go hunting through their archives - this is British skateboarding.



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