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Pedro Delfino: Welcome To Deathwish
Pedro Delfino: Welcome To Deathwish
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Pedro Delfino: Welcome To Deathwish

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  • By Route One
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Chances are you only really know Pedro from his insane Thrasher cover earlier in the year. That  boardslide, seen around the world, elicited more questions than answers and was responsible for the greatest amount of skate park conversations since MJ joined adidas. It was, no doubt, the cover of the year but that's as far as our experiences with him went.

Well, we're all about to get a little more acquainted with the Palm Beach local as Deathwish have officially added him to their full team and announced it to the world in the shape of the absolutely brutal annihilation contained within this part. Released through Thrasher (isn't everything?), this is four and a half minutes that will leave you fearing for Pedro's life as much as his sanity. Bails that could maim (two confirmed knockouts in this part alone) sit alongside makes that could propel him to immortality and, by the end, the mantra 'Skate and Destroy' sits forever etched in our brains.

Few people embody the all out power approach as raw and and as unflinching as Pedro. Sit back and prepare to be amazed...



Check it out here

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