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Piffclips: Albion Extras

Jul 2014 by Route One

‘Albion’, the UK Scene vid from the combined hands of Ryan Gray, Kevin Parrot and Morphman, has to be the British release of 2014.

Featuring parts from Nick Remon, Ben Raemers, Denis Lynn, Jak Petryga and Horsey, plus montage cameos from even the likes of Tom Penny, nothing has come close to the old school VX feel the video evokes. So, whether you’ve had it on repeat in your DVD player for months or still haven’t managed to take in its brilliance yet, you’ll be well stoked to know about this nine minute offcuts edit that has just dropped!

Entitled Piffclips (probably best for the younger crowd that we don’t explain what that means) you get the same great feel of the main vid but with extra footage, a couple of comical cock ups, alternative angles and clips that glitched. This is true British skateboarding, click play and get stoked.

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