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Luis Tolentino – May/June Raw Footage
Luis Tolentino – May/June Raw Footage
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Luis Tolentino – May/June Raw Footage

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Shut Skateboards and DVS footwear’s NYC native Luis Tolentino has dropped this seriously rad clip of raw footage online, captured over the past two months, and it has stoked us out to the max.

It’s not just the constant beaming smile or the eye for a near impossible drop in, just for giggles, that makes it so rad either; some of the footage is genuinely bonkers. The lad has the kind of pop rarely ever seen; in fact, if memory serves correct he’s the former World Record holder for the highest ollie. This shows too, some of the obstacles he is jumping on are mind bogglingly high.

The best thing though is you know he’s just like the rest of us; out with his mates, enjoying the summer and skating as much as he can. Just a shame none of us can ollie up a large six set like it’s nowt!

Luis - May - June 2014 - Vimeo from Stefano on Vimeo.

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