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Pizza Skateboards: Prepare the Video
Pizza Skateboards: Prepare the Video
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Pizza Skateboards: Prepare the Video

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

The Pizza Skateboards team recently took a trip to one of Europe's most visited place by any skater, Spain. From this trip, they have put together a new video called 'Prepare the Video', which is now showing on Thrasher Magazines website.


Many teams visit Spain and in particular Barcelona each year, the Pizza team definitely have stood out from the crowd with this video. Featuring the whole team; Chase Webb, Michael Pulizzi, Zachary Kovacs and Jesse Vieir kill it at these Catalonian spots!

Filmed by Richard Hughes, this is edited to a unique style of music which is very fitting for Pizza.


With over 10 minutes of spots you would only find in Spain and many heavy tricks this is definitely a video to watch to get you ready to skate. 

Be sure to grab a Pizza Skateboard in the link below and support one of the most up and coming brands in the business.

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