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Carlos Ribeiro: It Must Be Nice...

Mar 2017 by Route One

It must be nice indeed. Yoon Sul may have been the one to actually say it but it's what everybody watching this clip is surely thinking; it must be nice to be as good at skateboarding as Carlos Ribeiro. And what makes it worse is he's obviously the nicest dude, so we can't even hate on him for his attitude, especially when he's smiling all the time. It really must be nice to be that good at skateboarding and not be a dick about it!


Less than a month after Thrasher released his brand new Primitive part that we shared with you on these very pages, Porto Alegre native and all round positive human Carlos Ribeiro mesmerises us yet again with his other-worldly skills on a board, cruising around the Berrics and knocking out video-game level combos in lines as if it's no big thing. To him, it really isn't; his ability is such that 15ft long switch front blunts on flat bars can be pretzled out of, in lines...


It seems madness now to think that, prior to P-Rod hooking him up, Carlos was floating in sponsorship limbo with nothing more than a Plan B flow deal to his name. Now, at age 25 with a Nike SB contract, a pro board on one of the biggest brands around and a world that has woken up to the level of his board based wizardry, things look very bright for young Mr Ribeiro. If he carries on at this rate he's destined to become one of the all-time greats and we genuinely hope he does; it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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