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R1 At DGK London Premiere
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R1 At DGK London Premiere

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  • By Route One

Last Saturday we headed to London for the premiere of the much anticipated "Parental Advisory" - the debut full length video from DGK.

It all went down at the Portobello Pop Up Cinema, just down from Bay Sixty 6 where the Crossfire Xmas Jam had been going off all day. As with all skate premieres in the capital, it was a packed room of the usual suspects and rowdy as ever.

The film centres around a group of kids who represent younger versions of each of the DGK team. Directed by Randall Kirk, some of the hollywood quality skits were pretty hilarious (Baby Scumbag doing a great Dragonball Z impersonation, to name one) and helped break up each part without detracting too much from the skating itself.

The skating was pretty gnarly and was also featured the first Rodrigo TX  footage since joining DGK including his Nollie frontside 180 to switch smith on a picnic table which definitely got the crowd hyped. Other highlights included Jack Curtin, Josh Kalis, Keelan Dadd and, of course, the DGK Godfather - Mr. Stevie Williams himself.

The film lives up to it’s hype and stays true to the DGK lifestyle including a bangin' soundtrack and celebrity cameos from rappers Beanie Sigel, DMX and Lil Wayne. Oh – and you don’t want to miss Stevie Williams getting shot!

Check the trailer that we posted below.

Get your copy online now at Route One

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