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R1 Staff Picks Of The Year 2012
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R1 Staff Picks Of The Year 2012

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  • By Route One

Wanna know what we've been digging in 2012?

At the end of each year we ask a selection of our staff what excited them over the past twelve months – their favourite brands, skaters, movies, restaurants, gigs, etc.

There's always a few surprises in there so read on to reveal more …

R1 Staff Picks of the Year 2012:

Nicky Howells : R1 Skate Team Rider

Brand:  Rip ‘n’ Dip

T-Shirt Graphic: Rip ‘n’ Dip cats

Sneakers:  DC Mikey Taylors

Board Graphic:  Kill City x crv wkd

Song/Songs: Machine Gun Kelly - Edge of Destruction

Album:   Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up

Video Game: Fifa 13

Gig:  Lemar

Movie:  Batman

Event: Newquay Board Masters

Skate DVD/Edit: Death Skateboards Ordinary Madness

TV Show:  Made in Chelsea

Skater:   Jake Collins

Restaurant:  Asian Spicy

Boozer / Club: The Bank, Gloucester Rd, Bristol

Skate Spot: Lloyds (always!)

In 2013 I’m looking forward to:  Skateboarding & traveling

Colette Earley: Marketing Assistant

 Brand:   Carhartt

Sneakers:   Nike Janoskis

Song/Songs: Ben Howard – Oats in the Water

Album:   The Weeknd - Trilogy

Book: The Hunger Games

Video Game: I only play Tekken Tag Tournament

Gig: Brand New at the O2 in Bristol

Movie:  I haven’t seen it yet, but I know it’s going to be The Hobbit

Event: My two trips to Paris.

TV Show:  Coronation Street

Restaurant:  Nandos, every time.

2012 was amazing because: I had the best Summer

In 2013 I’m looking forward to: an even better Summer

Josh Arnott : Hardware Genius

Brand:   5boro/skateboard cafe

Sneakers:   Vans Chukka

Board Graphic: DGK Love Park Kalis/Williams

Song/Songs: Charles Bradley - The World

Album:   Kendric Lamar - Good Kid m.a.a.d  City

Event: End of the world

Skate DVD/Edit: 5boro Join or Die

TV Show: South Park

Skater: Elijah Berle

Boozer / Club: The Windmill is my local

Skate Spot: Radlands Plaza

2012 was Amazing Because: Skate Cafe trip to Bordeaux

In 2013 I’m looking forward to: Skateboarding/travelling

Will Radula-Scott :   R1 Snowboard Team Rider

Brand:   Rad Gloves

Sneakers:   Vans LXVI Variable

SnowBoard Graphic:  Nitro T1

Song/Songs:  Frank Ocean – Lost / Sharon Van Etten - Serpents

Album:   Alt-J  - An Awesome Wave

Video Game: Skate 2/3

Gig: Jettblack

Movie:  The Campaign

Event: Snowbombing 2012

Snowboard DVD/Edit: Holy Smokes

TV Show:  South Park

Skater:   Austyn Gillette

2012 was amazing because: I had loads of rad times with my friends.

In 2013 I’m looking forward to:  Continue having rad times with my friends.

Leigh Kimpton : Marketing Manager

Sneakers:   Makepeace's Pink Nike Dunk SB's (Concepts)

Song/Songs:  Little Mix - DNA

Album:   Alt J – An Awesome Wave

Book: Slaughterhouse 5 – Kurt Vonnegut

Gig:  Black Keys @ Alexander Palace

Movie:  Untouchable

Event: London 2012 (Especially the Running bits)

TV Show: 30 Rock

Skater:  Chad (Always)

Restaurant:  La Gavroche

Boozer / Club: The Hunter S, London

2012 was amazing because: I went to Sri Lanka and didn't get abducted by the Tamil Tigers.

In 2013 I’m looking forward to:  I'm getting married.

Nick Ousley : Senior Hardware Trader

Brand: Forum Snowboards RIP

T-Shirt Graphic:  Anything from The Hundreds x Don Pendleton range!

Sneakers:  Adidas Busenitz – 3 years running!!!

Board Graphic: Polar Pontus Alv Hangtime / Stereo 89rpm R1 Exclusive

Song/Songs:  Glassjaw – Ape Dos Mil / Justice – New Lands / Mariachi el Bronx - Sleepwalking

Book: Game of Thrones

Video Game:  Lego Batman 2 – DC Super Heroes / FIFA 13

Gig:  Faith No More shows at Hammersmith Apollo & Brixton Academy

Movie:  Batman – Dark Knight Rises

Skate DVD/Edit: Uh, there’s this one out called Pretty something?! That one

TV Show:  The Walking Dead

Skater:   Guy Mariano

Restaurant:  Gaucho Piccadilly

Boozer / Club:  The Eagle, Hammersmith

In 2013 I’m looking forward to:  Finally quitting smoking!

Rich Westby : Senior Creative

T-Shirt Graphic: WeMoto Biggie Juicy

Sneakers: Adidas Busenitz

Board Graphic: Stereo "89RPM"

Song/Songs: Stone Roses "Standing Here" live at Heaton Park

Album: Poliça "Give You The Ghost"

Book: Chester Himes "A Rage In Harlem" (Re-issue)

Video Game: Star Wars Angry Birds

Gig: Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester

Movie: The Rum Diary

Event: Stone Roses Heaton Park

Skate DVD/Edit: Third Foot Tour Summer Vacation

TV Show: Romanzo Criminale

Skater: Jason Lewer

Restaurant: Dragon Express

Boozer / Club: Golden Lion

Skate Spot: Broadmarsh Banks RIP

2012 was amazing because: My son was born…

In 2013 I’m looking forward to: Watching him grow a year older.

Ross Wilson : Creative Projects

Brand:   Apple

T-Shirt Graphic: Supreme Vienna Tee

Sneakers:  Nike Flyknit / AJ IV Retros

Board Graphic:  All of the 5Boro “Join Or Die” decks

Song/Songs: A$AP Rocky – Goldie / Rick Ross – Stay Schemin’ / Julio Bashmore – Au Seve / Solange – Losing You

Album:   Lana Del Ray – Born To Die / The Heavy – The Glorious Dead / Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Book: Alan Partridge – I, Partridge

Gig: Jay-Z / Kanye West – Watch The Throne tour at the O2, London

Movie:  Killer Joe

Event: R1 Free Skate Day 2 & 3

Skate DVD/Edit: David Gonzalez “Possessed to Skate”

TV Show:  Homeland

Skater:  The Trunk Boyz (all of ‘em)

Restaurant:  Les Halles, Park Ave, New York (Tony’s OG spot)

Boozer: Max Fish, Ludlow St, NYC

Club: All of the ones I’m DJing at!

Skate Spot: Dean Lane forever

2012 was amazing because: A lot of very good things happened!

In 2013 I’m looking forward to: Good times all the time.

Aaron Greenslade : Buying Manager

Brand: Acapulco Gold / Carhartt

T-Shirt Graphic: Real x Odd Future 'Donut' / Rook 'Biggie Baby'

Sneakers: Nike Roshe / Supra Owen / Vans Authentic

Board Graphic: Landscape 'Liquid Sword' / Stereo '89rpm' R1 Exclusive

Song/Songs: Drake - Take Care (Ft. Rihanna)

Album:   Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

Gig: Jay Z & Kayne West - Watch the Throne - O2 Arena

TV Show:  Homeland (Series 2)

2012 was amazing because: generally hanging out with my family and being a Dad is amazing but also having made several trips overseas (both for work and on personal vacations) were awesome.

In 2013 I’m looking forward to:  The birth of my son and being the best man at my best mates wedding

Andy Makepeace : Accessories Trader

Brand: Diamond.

T-Shirt Graphic: 5050 x 5Boro Join or Die T-Shirt.

Sneakers: Es Square Two in all tan.

Board Graphic: 5050 x 5Boro Join or Die Board.

Song/Songs: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Album: Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

Book: Haven’t read one so I guess Sidewalk if that counts?

Video Game: Fifa’13

Gig: I am a granddad and haven’t gone out all year.

Movie: Ted

Event: Moving in with my wench.

Skate DVD/Edit: Pretty Sweet

TV Show: South Park

Skater: Mariano

Restaurant: Nandos

Boozer / Club: The Plough, Easton.

Skate Spot: College Green

2012 was amazing because: If you are reading this then the world didn’t end!

Chris Gallop : Assistant Photographer

Brand: Vans

Sneakers:  Vans Stage 4.

Board Graphic:  Alien Workshop X Keith Haring.

Song/Songs: Jessie Ware- Sweet Talk.

Album: Tame Impala- Lonerism

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises.

Skate DVD/Edit: Life Splicing No. 005: Gilbert Crockett.

TV Show: Eastbound and Down.

Skater:  Homer Simpson trying to jump Spingfield Gorge.

Restaurant:  The White Hart (£2.50 for a meal on Sundays!)

Boozer / Club: The Old Bookshop / JAVA with the lads.

Skate Spot: Dean Lane.

Mike Hayter : eCommerce Manager


Brand:   Altamont

T-Shirt Graphic:  Rook “Rot father”

Sneakers:  Supreme x Nike Air Force 1

Board Graphic:  DGK Rodrigo TX Processed Pro Deck

Song/Songs: Public Enemy  - Harder than you Think

Album: The  XX – Coexist

Video Game: Black Ops 2

Gig: Olympics Opening Ceremony

Movie:  The Dark Knight Rises

Event: The Olympics

Skate DVD/Edit: Pretty Sweet

TV Show:  Boardwalk Empire

Skater:   David Gonzalez

Restaurant:  The Mint Room in Bath

2012 was amazing because: The Olympics brought back pride in our great nation, something sadly lacking most of the time.

In 2013 I’m looking forward to: A nice hot summer…. fingers crossed!

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