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Real Skateboards: Tanner Van Vark
Real Skateboards: Tanner Van Vark
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Real Skateboards: Tanner Van Vark

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  • By Route One
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Jim and Tommy continue their winning streak as Real Skateboards yet again manage to pull otherworldly talent seemingly out of nowhere and nurture it with a free board or two. Ok, that's perhaps unfair, as Tanner Van Vark has obviously put the hours in to get this good and the Real boys really do treat their team like family but, come on, how stacked is the team these days and why is nobody else finding this talent? Can any other team really compare!?!

Joining the likes of Busentiz, Ishod, K-Walks, Chima and Zion, there's obviously a level that has to be met. We're not talking robot consistency or soulless performance though; it takes something extra special to get on the Real squad and there's no two ways about it, the Minnesota native really does have that in spades.

We can't lie to you, this 'Welcome to the team' edit really is mental and sets him up as a talent true to the mould of other Real greats. There's no nonsensical flare, his dickies aren't cuffed to a vulgar level and his tricks are neither simple or obscene; as a brand Real have always been legit, no bullsh*t and Tanner is exactly that. If you want your skaters wearing the most up to the minute 'fit then he ain't your guy. If you want some proper skateboarding though? We've got just what you need right here...

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