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Roberto Aleman & Diego Bucchieri

Dec 2019 by Route One

The chances are the vast majority of you aren't aware of either Roberto Aleman or Diego Bucchieri. Perhaps you've heard hushed rumours in whispered tones about a legendary 00's Toy Machine pro "The Butcher" but it's unlikely you've linked the names together. Well let us acquaint you with some genuine OG's - kids today don't even know!

Roberto Aleman, 41 years old, born and raised halfway between Murcia and Benidorm, pro for Consolidated and skated bigger rails than Jamie Foy and Kyle Walker combined. Diego 'The Butcher' Bucchieri, Buenos Aires native, born in '77, Toy Machine legend and one of the most infamous big gap skaters of all time. He was the guy you went to for big drops before Jaws came along - if Bam or Ali weren't gonna step up, the Butcher was your man.

Obviously both guys are well past their physical prime right now, being well into their 40's, so you'd expect any video part of their's would chronicle mini ramp sessions, slappy kerbs and the occasional five stair kickflip. Not at all! When you're skating in memory of P-Stone and Phelps a small thing like age doesn't matter. Stick with this through the first five minutes, sh*t gets seriously gnarly!

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