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Sidewalk Magazine x Mountain Dew Storewars

Jun 2015 by Route One

As you may or may not be aware Sidewalk magazine are hosting an online video competition in conjunction with Mountain Dew energy drink named #Dewstorewars.

The aim of the competition is to give 24 skate stores throughout the UK the chance to create 15 x 15 second clips which are geared towards high virality
through the Facebook platform. Each week 3 stores are picked to submit 3 edits per day with only a week to try push the videos figures as much as possible, by sharing, liking and viewing .

Currently it’s in week 4 which is Route one’s week, and the team have been working hard to bring funny, rad and imaginative clips to your screens.

So head over to the Sidewalk magazine or Route one Facebook, and check our videos.


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