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Store Wars Is On!
Store Wars Is On!
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Store Wars Is On!

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

It's Back! Well ok, it's been back for six weeks now but the next six days mark our return the Mountain Dew and Sidewalk Magazine's illustrious 'Store Wars' competition and we couldn't be more stoked about it!

The premise is simple; Mountain Dew give a whole load of UK skate shops £750 to spend as they see fit with the aim of producing six clips, each less than a minute long. Then, every week, six stores compete against each other to garner the most views on Sidewalk's Facebook page in the hope of progressing to the final. 

So yeah, this week it's our turn and don't you worry, we've stretched every penny of that £750 and spent it ever so wisely! From magic carpets in the Yorkshire Dales to mini ramp NBD's in deepest, darkest Gloucestershire; we have some insane treats for you, the viewing public, and more than once we make proper berks of ourselves, all in the hope of making you laugh. 

Every day this week we're gonna share our clips with you so please, go forth and spread the word - R1 is gunning for Store Wars glory!

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