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Waterproof: Phil Zwijsen Is Pro
Waterproof: Phil Zwijsen Is Pro
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Waterproof: Phil Zwijsen Is Pro

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Everybody turns pro with a web exclusive part these days, it's just the way things are done in 2016. Not everybody does it in quite a unique fashion as Phil Zwijsen, celebrating his bump up to the professional ranks over at Element Skateboards.

Antwerp native Phil should really need no introduction. Having spent years destroying the Euro contest scene in the most irreverent way possible, Phil put aside the Euro Man-am curse and basically destroyed skate spots the world over, leaving the Element big wigs no choice but to reward him with signature product.

The thing is, 30 year old Phil is so comfortable in himself and his ability he saw no need for a po faced hand rail attack to announce the news. Oh no, he went out and spent every available opportunity skating in the rain Northern Europe afforded him and has produced the feel good part of the year! There are skids to make Magenta jealous and tricks that will have Daewon scratching his head. Want to see insane ability mixed with total creative freedom? This is definitely the part for you.

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