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Thaynan Costa 'Our Sweet Baby'
Thaynan Costa 'Our Sweet Baby'
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Thaynan Costa 'Our Sweet Baby'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

We continue with the veritable Thaynan Costa/enjoi take over by sharing with you his excellent new Thrasher hosted part 'Our Sweet Baby.'


As you all know by now, enjoi surprised Brazillian-Portuguese ripper Thaynan with his own signature board a month back at his beloved Macba and, as is customary in this day and age, any ascension to the pro ranks simply must be celebrated (and commemorated) with a brand spanking new section.  So, here it is! 


We're thrilled to report that Thaynan well and truly proves his promotion deserving, knocking out technical hammer after hammer after hammer, all in his signature creative and mindblowingly casual way. 


Some people were born to ride a skateboard, Thaynan is most definitely one of them...

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