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Tony Hawk '50 at 50'
Tony Hawk '50 at 50'
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Tony Hawk '50 at 50'

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  • By Route One
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Few would argue with the notion that Tony Hawk has been the perfect poster boy for skateboarding over the past 40 years. Even fewer would contest the opinion that the man still rips harder than most half his age. And if they do, you should show them this, coz it'll almost certainly shut them up!


Born and raised on the insane terrain of Southern California's 70's skatepark boom, our Tone has been pushing the sport of skateboarding for four decades and now, to celebrate his fiftieth birthday, he's revisited some of his most iconic manoeuvres in this spellbinding new video from the ride channel. Testament to his never ending passion, not only does the session bear witness to some classic Hawk shapes and skateboard manipulation, he somehow still manages to push the envelope to this day. The ender, after one hell of a meaty slam may we add, should leave you in no doubt that he will always be the best.

As Tony himself notes, this will likely be the last time he performs some of these tricks. And though it's sad to accept that the sands of time run out for us all, and even our heroes get old, it's heartwarming to see the greatest that ever lived holding back the years and still skating as hard as 40 years ago. Though that may not be the case come his next milestone birthday, for now we still hold the Birdman in a class of his own.

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