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Vague: No Comply Network - Beyond Skateboarding

May 2018 by Route One

Independent UK mag Vague is killing it of late, covering the grass roots side of skateboarding that's a world away from the corporate side we've all witnessed (and admittedly thoroughly enjoyed) hitting our shores this past week.

Giving the drivers of our collective scenes a voice to showcase the fun and positivity that thrives in UK skateboarding, they've once again hit the nail on the head, allowing the No Comply Network head Jason Caines free reign to report on his organisation's amazing 'Beyond Skating II' event that was recently held in Deptford.

Featuring accompanying photography from Josh Mansfield and a stellar edit courtesy of Ryan Gabison, the piece illustrates perfectly how a postive attitude and skaters taking care of their own needs produces the most enjoyable of experiences. Though our councils may try to proscribe our street based activities, people like the No Comply Network show we can use spaces alongside the public and integrate our fun alongside everyday lives. Can't really ask for more than that!

Check out the article here.

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