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Vans 'Cougar Island'
Vans 'Cougar Island'
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Vans 'Cougar Island'

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  • By Route One
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Back in the day, if somebody mentioned a "Euro Team video" the most  you could really expect from feigned interest was a polite smile and an "Oh yeah, I'll try to remember to check it out." Random guys with names you couldn't pronounce from Countries you'd never heard of; it wasn't xenophobia, all you cared about back then was people who'd actually made it in onto a Californian brand  and some Bavarian dude in swishy hip hop pants was never gonna set your world alight.

Oh how things have changed! Although Cali still rules the industry, the internet has opened up so many channels for skaters to pimp their footage, you feel just as hyped seeing the latest clip from a kid out of Linkoping in Sweden as you do a Venice Beach local. And that's why we're super stoked to share this latest Vans Euro team clip with you!

Featuring Sour Skateboards' always amazing Albert Nyberg (he's the "kid" from Linkoping by the way), Toy Machine pro Axel 'Crusher' Cruysberghs, Element's Nassim Guammaz and Anti Hero veteran Chris Pfanner (alongside a couple of yanks and an Aussie for good measure), this is the cream of the Euro Vans team destroying Mallorca. What else do you really need to know!?!

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