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Vans Propeller is Coming!

Apr 2015 by Route One

The biggest release of 2015 premieres this week at the Prince Charles Theatre in London’s Leicester Square and we’re gonna be there to bring you all the gossip and post viewing reaction from Vans Propeller.

Word from the States is Real Skateboard’s Oklahoma native Kyle Walker has THE stand out section of the video. According to those Slap Forum gossip hounds the world will really stand up and take notice, once the desperate eyes of the planet’s skate youth finally get to see Greg Hunt’s long awaited masterpiece.

Obviously we are also massively looking forward to Rowley, Trujillo, Crocket, Pfanner and more (Dollin even manages to share a part with everyone’s favourite stocky skateboarder Andrew Allen, despite his constant knee trouble) but apparently Kyle is THE man to pay attention to.

If you didn’t catch the trailer when it was released we’ve linked it for you via the 'Propeller' image below. If you wanna get in on the Kyle Walker hype or just need reminding how much of a beast the lad is, we’ve also linked his Thrasher  ‘In Colour’ part from a couple of years back. We simply cannae wait to see Propeller!


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