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How To Do What Billy Does
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How To Do What Billy Does

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  • By Route One
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Over the past summer, when we’ve all been out trying to grab as much of the sunshine as we can and jetting off on holidays to the beach, others have still been think of the white fluffy stuff that only seriously cold weather can bring. That’s right. Even when we’re out catching some rays, some people, such as the GB still have their lives fully focused on snowboarding and training for the winter months. Sometimes that training means some skate action or maybe a trip to the wakeboard park, but mostly it means time in the gym or jetting down under to catch the winter in New Zealand.

Check out what the team get up too, including our very our R1 Team Rider Billy Morgan and find out what it takes to become a world class snowboarder.

Scotland Training Camp

New Zealand Team Trip

Austria Team Trip

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