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Chico Brenes '7x7'
Chico Brenes '7x7'
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Chico Brenes '7x7'

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
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Chico Brenes is an old dude. He's been around for forever and there's no way you could say he's at the cutting edge anymore. Does that mean his skateboarding is no longer relevant? Hell no! Cheeks may be older than your dad but he still has the best nollie and nollie backside heels in the game and can make skateboarding look better than you, me and our whole crews combined!

Though it's a number of years since he stepped down from the pro ranks at Chocolate, the Nicaraguan legend has not slowed down one bit, as his of Instagram fans will testify. And though he now has little to promote outside a limited edition run of guest Krooked boards, he's been putting it down with such regularity in his adoptive home of SF he's managed to put together this thoroughly enjoyable six minute clip for Thrasher.

Entitled '7x7' to denote the land mass in which the tricks were performed (that'll be the square miles of the Bay Area) and featuring some of the smoothest Fort Miley ripping ever committed to camera, Cheeks mixes up the board sizes and terrain to keep things interesting. This is pure joy from start to finish and we can only hope we look half as good on a board when we're elder statesmen like Chico too...

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