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Davis Torgerson Jenkem Megamix
Davis Torgerson Jenkem Megamix
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Davis Torgerson Jenkem Megamix

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

More footage from the house of Real, this time in the form of a ‘megamix’ of Davis Torgersons footage. Put together by the folks over at Jenkem to coincide with their brand new interview with the lad in question.

As previously mentioned on these pages, Davis seems to have taken a backseat to both Ishod and Busenitz as far as the Real coverage train goes but that’s just because he’s the kind of guy that silently destroys everything put in front of him, as this ‘Best of’ part brilliantly illustrates. No need for massive corporate energy drinks deals or getting himself in the gossip pages of the forums, Davis just casually shreds and we’re pretty sure both him and Real are more than happy with that!

So, if you’re not overly familiar with his work or simply want reminding just how rad he is, sit back and enjoy this four minute montage that is sure to get you stoked, pumped and everything else you want a skate vid to do.

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