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Torey Pudwill: Supernova
Torey Pudwill: Supernova
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Torey Pudwill: Supernova

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Thrasher and DVS footwear have come together to release this short but exceptionally brilliant Torey Pudwill section that leaves us even more excited at the prospect of the forthcoming Plan B video.

Coming in at under two minutes and thirty seconds including B-roll, this was never gonna be an epic part but the tricks within certainly are. We’re pretty sure some of you, if your under a certain age, are gonna get into trouble watching this: there’s no way you can possibly sit through it without swearing at the top of your voice at least two or three times!

Few people can match the board control Torey has, fewer have the pop he possesses and nobody can come close to holding a lipslide like the young lad can. Too early for a ‘Skater of the Year’ call? We’ll have to wait until ‘True’ drops before we put our money where our mouth is but on the evidence of this he could well be a wise bet.

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