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Etnies Excess Baggage Tour: Edinburgh

May 2014 by Route One

Monday saw Willow, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Albert Nyberg and Matt Berger descend into our Edinburgh store for a couple of hours of autographs, photo opportunities, interviews and simply hanging with the local skaters as part of the first stop on the UK leg of the Etnies ‘Excess Baggage tour’.

Afterwards, with the rain seeming ready to ruin the party atmosphere the gang, with R1 filmer Alex in tow, set off down to the amazing Saughton skate park, just hoping for the weather to hold off long enough for a quick roll around.

Thankfully the skate gods had had a word with the weather gods and all was well for a good hour, meaning  the pristine concrete of EH11 felt the rolling of sponsored urethane and the snap of pro maple once again. Willow was out of action due to a foot injury but the rest of the crew quickly set about knocking out the NBDs and the footage can be seen right here. We’re nice to you like that!

Also, look out for our exclusive interviews with each of the guys, starting on Monday with Willow, and details for your chance to win a pair of Etnies each day!

Etnies Excess Baggage Tour: Edinburgh a Skateboarding video by Route One

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