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Lakai Extra Flare: Manchild
Lakai Extra Flare: Manchild
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Lakai Extra Flare: Manchild

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
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Following on from last week's exceptional 'extras' part from the unbelievable talented feet of Simon Bannerot, Thrasher maintain the Lakai hype with almost twelve minutes of raw footage from Girl am Tyler 'Manchild' Pacheco.


As a young man who could so easily have ended up a pro rollerblader (apparently young Tyler and his brothers were into anything and everything X Games related as kids) we, the patrons of the skateboard world, really should be grateful the lad from Saugus, California saw sense and stuck with skateboarding; if he hadn't we wouldn't have all this amazing footage to be watching right now!


Not one afraid to take a slam or two, and seemingly robbed of one hell of a Kickflip, his nickname may scream immaturity but his approach to skating is anything but. All the evidence available makes it's pretty easy to why the guys at Crailtap have so much faith in him, we're sure you'll agree once you've watched it for yourself! 


Extra Flare: Tyler

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