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Gustav Tønnesen 'Remix'

Jan 2018 by Route One

If deft-footed skate wizard Gustav Tønnesen isn't one of your top three favourite skaters right now, then we have to say we reckon you're getting skateboarding wrong. Ok yeah, skateboarding is subjective and there is definitely no such thing as "getting it wrong" but Gustav is just so talented that it's almost impossible to consider the fact some people might not yet be a fan!

However, should you find yourself belonging to this group of unbelievers, worry not; Free Magazine have released a remix of the best of his recent footage (to coincide with his interview in the latest issue of the mag) and the Sour Skateboards' tech-pixie is ready to blow your minds with the level of control he exerts over this most treasured of toys.

Last summer, when the international adidas crew were in the country for the thoroughly entertaining 'Skate Copa Court' event, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to witness Gustav's reality warping command of his skateboard first hand. In fact we believe Sidewalk Head Honcho (and a man that knows his fair share about skateboarding brilliance) Ben Powell said it best when, faced with yet another mind bogglingly adept manipulation of skateboard, space and time, he uttered the words "he's so good it's like he's the only skateboarder in the world that can control his feet like hands..."

Check out the mixtape here.

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