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Octagon / Vans 'Codebase'

Jan 2018 by Route One

We're not really sure how we feel about this brand new clip from Octagon, produced to celebrate their collaboration with legendary footwear manufacturer Vans. Sure, the quality of the cinematography is stunning and it's nice to escape the current over use of VX1000's and the "steamy window" appearance it brings but is it serious and, if so, can we really sing the praises of something that obviously takes itself far too seriously? 

The answer is we genuinely don't know! If this is 'tongue in cheek' and basically a bit of beautifully crafted bants (as skateboard film making really ought to be, given how overwhelmingly fun it is as a pastime) then we have to say we quite enjoyed it. If, however, the brains behind the brand genuinely feel that the skateboarding of Yeelen Moens, Joseph Biais and Valentin Bauer is best represented through a serious vision of a dystopian future, we're pretty aghast that somebody's humour has been so severely bypassed. 

Moral dilemmas of judging a brand's aesthetic direction aside, the shoes do look pretty rad and Yeelen's backside powerslide on a glass pyramid is s serious thing of beauty. If nowt else we reckon we can all enjoy that at least!

ÖCTAGON / VANS - CODEBASE from Öctagon on Vimeo.

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