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Ron Allen is 60!

Jul 2023 by Route One

Ron Allen is 60 years old. Just let that sink in. Sixty! Six decades old, probably older than your grandad who, bless him, is having a nap right now, and yet he's still out in the streets, ripping as hard as a man a third of his age.

We're used to skaters getting older and maintaining a career based on merit, of that we have to admit; Tony Hawk is now 55 and, even after last year's horrific leg break, he's still capable of holding his own in an X Games 'best trick' contest. But that's transition, if you fall correctly it's usually pretty low impact. Ron Allen is skating legit street spots, ollieing up (and down) stairs in lines, popping late flips and generally shredding like a bad man - there's no denying he still legitimately rips!

Veritable spring chicken Mark Gonzales, coming in at a youthful 55, rewards Ron's commitment to the shred with a guest board on the ever-congenial Krooked Skateboards and obvs there has to be an accompanying part. So next time you're down the spot, legs are feeling tired and you can't bring yourself to commit, remember a bloke older than your grandad is still out there getting some, so you best get yours.

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