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Nike SB - April Skateboards Rough Cut
Nike SB - April Skateboards Rough Cut
Nov 2023 by Route One

16 minutes of rough cut April footage sounds like a stonking Christmas present to us and the good folk at Nike SB have allowed us to unwrap it a whole four weeks early!

Following the usual course of a 'Rough cut' edit, our early Christmas treat permits us to peak behind-the-scenes into the workings of last week's Turbo Green, the Nike SB affiliated April clip that featured Shane, Guy, Rayssa, Yuto, Dashawn and more.

It's captured in that ever enjoyable HD 4:3 ratio, which time really does appear to be proving to be the optimum viewing format, so you know the focus is presenting skateboarding in the coolest way possible. Factor in the raw sound and you really could be in on the session with the guys! Well, that's if you ignore the coldest November nights for 13 years and somehow manage to pretend we're in the perma-balmy California. Maybe it's time we turned the radiators up!