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John Shanahan 'Double Down'
John Shanahan 'Double Down'
Nov 2023 by Route One

John Shanahan marches to the beat of his own drum. Whilst everyone else is currently sharing Insta stories of their Spotify 'Wrapped,' you get the impression John Shanahan has no intention of following the crowd (well, unless Kalis does it, then we reckon John might post his too!).

And so whilst cynics may suggest the release of this DGK clip is perfectly timed to coincide with a SOTY push, we honestly reckon it's just a case of there being enough footage on a timeline for John to release his part. After all, the lad is based outta Philly and, as anybody who knows the East Coast of the USA will testify, things are getting pretty damn cold around there now; it'll be a winter of mini ramp sessions and heated indoor TF's for the next few months - few hammers are getting landed when it's minus one until mid morning!

So big pop, memories of summer and Ramsey Lewis' jazz classic 'Les Fleur' (the sample from Wiz Khalifa's 'Number 16' and Gang Starr's 'Jazz Music' in case it sounds familiar) are the order of the day; the boy from Stroudsberg is doing it his way and we remain steadfast fans of him for that!